I really enjoyed this local band. Socialized Crucifiction

Took some photos last night. Malditas Drogas

Stole these next three photos. Rotting out was cool tonight.

12$ shipped each or both for 20$ both are size large. I’ll ship it out tomorrow #harmsway #suburbanscum #hardcore

Jop-adamus prediction (with evidentual facts)


This one is a bit interesting (It involves Title Fight, Disengage, and LA/Pomona)

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Chris and his crazy thoughts


twitching tongues


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All that I believe. All that I stand for. I won’t let it go.


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The debut LP from south Florida’s Losin’ It. No Apology takes the hard, fast, and up-front approach from the Danger Zone 7” and cranks it up a notch or two, OR TEN. If you like Gorilla Biscuits, Stop and Think, or just awesome hardcore, you will dig this. 

Now available for preorder on Life To Live Records.



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Issue number 1 is coming out real soon

Anyone else have videos of the Title Fight show at Chain On NOV 9TH?

Photos as well. Link me if you do 


Cool new band from Pomona CA

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